From the worldwide known milkshakes to the typical French crêpes, let’s enjoy all the benefits of Lactel milks in our delicious recipes.

Matcha Pudding with Citron Honey

4-6 serving

– Cold water 20g
– Unflavoured powdered gelatin 4g
– Matcha powder 5g
– Hot water 60g
– Milk 240g
– White sugar 50g
– Citron honey 80g
– Whipped cream a little
– Green tea powder a little

1.Put the cold water in a small bowl, add the gelatin powder. Stir briskly until mixed and thickened, set aside.
2.Sieve the green tea powder, and add in hot water. Whrisk quickly until foamy when all powder dissolves, set aside.
3.Heat the milk gently over medium heat. Turn off the heat just until bubbles appear at the side, and steam begins to rise. Dissolve sugar and add the matcha in the milk. Add in the thickened gelatin, mix gently until completely dissolve. Pass the puree through a fine mesh sieve into the pudding cups.
4.Put the pudding into refrigerator and let sit for at least 2-3 hours. Better to leave overnight. Serve it with whipped cream, and sprinkling with matcha powder on top.