From the worldwide known milkshakes to the typical French crêpes, let’s enjoy all the benefits of Lactel milks in our delicious recipes.

Hot Cross Bun

8 serving


– Bread flour 250g
– Instant yeast 3.5g
– Brown sugar 25g
– Salt 1g
– Cinnamon powder 5g
– Cumin powder 1g
– Evaporated milk 80g
– Egg 30g
– Water 60g
– Unsalted butter 40g
– Raisins 60g
– Orange peels 15g
– Dried raspberries 25g

The cross:
– Cake flour 45g
– Icing sugar 20g
Water 30g
– Apricot jam 20g
– Water 10g

1.Put instant yeast, sugar on one side of the flour, with salt, cinnamon & cumin powder on the other side. Add in evaporated milk, egg and water, combine the mixture and knead.
2.Knead until dough becomes smooth, add in butter bit by bit, and keep kneading until dough turns smooth and elastic.
3.Shape the dough into a smooth ball, put into a bowl, and cover it to avoid dry out. Set aside in room temperature (at around 25-28°C) for first fermentation of around 45-55 minutes.
4.Slightly flour the work surface. Invert the dough onto the work surface and gently pat out larger air bubbles. Cut the dough into 8 pieces, each of around 75g. Preshape lightly into round, cover it and leave it on floured work surface for around 10 minutes.
5.Shape the dough into tight round. Place it to oven tray, seams down, with 1.5cm spacing in between. Final fermentation for around 45 minutes (at around 28-30°C). Preheat the oven to 180°C.
6.Prepare toppings during final fermentation: Sieve cake flour & icing sugar, add in water, stir & mix well. Put into pipping bag, and set aside. Mix the jam & water, set aside.