Lactel Recipes

Lactel Recipes<

From the worldwide known milkshakes to the typical French crêpes, let’s enjoy all the benefits of Lactel milks in our delicious recipes.

Fruit milkshakes

Delicious homemade Fruit milkshakes

4 serving

– For a Raspberry Milkshake / Apricot: 400 g raspberries and apricots 4
– For a Banana Milkshake / Kiwi 2 bananas and kiwis 3
– For a Milkshake Citrus: 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit and lime 1 half
– 80 cl Lactel milk
– powdered sugar

Peel and chop the fruit.
Place the fruit in a blender. Add your Lactel milk and a few spoonfuls of sugar, at your convenience.
Mix until obtaining a foamy liquid. Pour into four glasses.
Cool your milkshake a few minutes in the fridge and there is more to enjoy!

For a smooth and tasty milkshake, don’t hesitate to use our Lactel whole milk.
For a light but still delicious milkshake, Lactel skimmed or semi skimmed milk will be your perfect partners !