Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

At Lactel, quality is an essential commitment, because the success of our products is deeply linked to the trust our consumers are putting in us, both in France and worldwide. That is why we make every effort to provide to you and your family the best of French milk.

Quality Monitoring

Our commitment is expressed in 3 main domains:

  • The selection of our raw materials
  • The strict quality policy on our production site
  • The rigorous control of our product during the shipment

Selection of raw material

From its creation more than 40 years ago, Lactel aim never changed: providing the best of the milk to its consumers.This commitment is materialized thanks to the establishment of the “Lactel Quality Chart” between Lactel and its milk producers.

Strict quality policy on our production site

Certified ISO 9001 and IFS (International Food Standard),our milk factory is producing milk with the aim to only provide the best. On all production lines, a very strict and rigorous quality watchis followed based on the HACCP method.

The same level of exigency is implemented for the selection of our packaging.

A rigorous control of our product before and after the shipment

All milk shipments are followed by veterinary services at departure from France and also by Hong Kong authorities upon arrival at the different harbors. All Lactel milks strictly comply with both European and Hong Kong regulations, in term of food safety, nutrition and packaging.