Lactel Crème Dessert

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For more than 40 years, Lactel has been producing the highest quality milks in France With strong positions in France thanks to product innovations such as low lactose and growing up milk for toddler, Lactel is today a leading milk brand in France enjoyed everyday by millions of consumers. From this strong expertise on Lactel milk, we are proud to bring to you a large range up of long life dairy desserts.

Creme dessert Chocolat 3D-small

Lactel Crème Dessert

With an intense chocolate taste,
Lactel Dessert is elaborated from selected ingredients to tingle your tastebuds for an exquisite pleasure moment.

– An intense chocolate taste in 125g pot

– Contains more than 80% milk

– The guarantee of a world-known French milk Expert

– A smooth texture to please all the family !