UHT & Fresh Milk

UHT & Fresh Milk

Did you know that the milk you buy at your local store is heat-treated? But, do you know the difference between a UHT milk found on ambient shelf and the fresh milk in the chilled part?


UHT milk or Ultra High Temperature milk means that the milk has been heated to a temperature of at least 135ºC in order to kill any harmful micro-organisms which may be present in the milk.

UHT treatment is a continuous process which takes place in a closed system that prevents the product from being contaminated by micro-organisms.

The UHT milk passes through heating and cooling stages in quick succession, then is immediately put into a sterile packaging. This process avoids any re-infection. The end result is a product that lasts up to 9 months without refrigeration or preservatives. This is known in the industry as aseptic milk packaging.

All Lactel milks are U.H.T. , preserving all the delicious creamy taste, the nutrition benefits and providing extended shelflife of 9 months without refrigeration!

So store some in the cupboard of your kitchen or store it directly in the fridge if you like it chilled, and most importantly, never run out of milk!