Question & Answer:

Where does Lactel milk come from?
Lactel milk is produced in France at the heart of the French dairy region of Brittany.To know more >
How can I be sure of the quality of Lactel milk?
Our commitment is expressed in 3 main domains: The selection of our raw materials, the strict quality policy on our production site and the rigorous control of our product during the shipment.To know more >
How can I be sure that Lactel milk is produced in France?
Some tips on the packaging like the gencod will show you where the milk comes from.To know more >
How can I be sure that the screw cap has never been opened before?
The tamper evidence is provided by the two outer bars; the bars are connected to the cap base and provide evidence that the cap has not been removed and the carton remains safely sealed; it is normal that the middle bar is not connected.
When I twisted the screw cap for the very first time, the safety sealing layers of the carton were already pierced. There was no additional pull tab. Is this normal and safe?
Yes; when first opened, an integrated cutting ring pierces the safety sealing layers and pushes the flap down; with one single twist, the safety seal is broken; no additional pull tab is needed.
Is there a risk that after opening, the inner flap falls into the product or comes out while pouring?
No; the inner flap will not detach.