Test :Are you giving your children the breakfast they need?

The right breakfast helps our children to grow and pay attention in class. It also helps them to learn the basics of nutrition themselves, which will contribute towards their health now and in the future.

  • 1.Do your children usually spend 15-20 minutes having breakfast?
  • A. Yes B. No
  • 2.Do they normally have breakfast with the rest of the family?
  • A. Yes B. No
  • 3.Do you vary what they have for breakfast?
  • A. Yes B. No
  • 4.Do your children take mid-morning snacks with them to school?
  • A. Yes B. No
  • 5.Do your children eat a quarter of their daily food intake between (including?) breakfast and their mid-morning snack?
  • A. Yes B. No
  • 6.Does their breakfast include rice, biscuits or toast?
  • A. Yes B. No
  • 7.Does their breakfast include dairy products (milk, yoghurt or cheese)?
  • A. Yes B. No

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Result 1 X

Congratulations! It looks like you are giving your children the right breakfast to help them grow.

Result 2X

You should check your breakfast habits to make sure you are giving your children the right breakfast to help them grow.

For this meal to be complete it must include cereals (rice, cereals, toast, biscuits), dairy products (milk cheese, yogurt).

The right breakfast helps children to grow and develop their mind properly. It is extremely important because it compensates for the fact that children have had no food since the night before and it provides them with the energy they need to face the first part of the day. Not having breakfast can have a negative impact on a child’s performance and their ability to concentrate. Children should spend 15 to 20 minutes having breakfast in the morning and share the experience as a family, whenever possible.

Breakfast is a necessary meal for children of all ages but especially for growing children, since it should provide 25% of their daily energy. It is recommended that breakfast is divided into two sittings (one half first thing and the other mid-morning) to spread out the calorie intake and maintain a stable blood sugar level.